Lift To Shift Containers
Today Lift To Shift Containers has become the major choice in use at construction sites and farm house cottages as it is low cost and fast delivery and we are manufacturer of this new era concept. Thus these Lift & shift containers have become more adaptable these days. This is the concept of alteration of old shipping containers and fabrication of new containers. Lift & Shift containers are ideal for commercial as well as residential use like storage, office, residence, pantry, bunk house, toilet blocks, farm house cottages, dining room, bath room, work shop, tool room, open side containers, canteen and several more as per user requirements.

As a Lift & shift type container manufacturer Ambika provides the complete service of design, fabrication and interior of these containers, thus ensuring better quality control at every stage of the process.
Shipping container
These are Old Shipping containers available in size 20’x8’x8.5’ and 40’x8’x8.5’
Office Containers
Ambika’s new/old renovated containers for office use as per customized requirement. These office containers are insulated and fully furnished to suit the office needs. These office containers can be provided with partitions, toilet & other facilities.
Bunk Houses Containers:
Ambika’s bunk houses container are available in modules of maximum 10’ width & 40’ length and design as per your requirement for use such as Single/Multiple Executive Accommodation, Site Camp, Living Module, Recreation Room.
Portable Toilet Blocks
Ambika’s Portable Toilet Containers are available in modules of maximum 10’ width & 40’ length. These Portable container toilet blocks are available with complete fittings.
Dining Room Containers
Ambika’s Dinning room containers are available in modules of maximum 10’ width & 40’length. These dining room containers available with different designs and colors.